Van Buren Elementary, Plainfield, IN
“Bucket filling has made a huge difference in our school. Office discipline referrals have gone down 85% in the last three years. We had 127 instances of bullying reported two years ago; last year we only had 3!” - Ray Helmuth, Principal

All Saints Academy, Grand Rapids, MI
"Thank you again for your dedication to getting this message out to kids! The performance was so 'real' and relatable for the students. It really kept their attention! We are seeing more bucket filling from our students . . on the playground, lunch room, hallways! So grateful!!!" - Becky Grady, Dean of Student Learning

Susick Elementary, Troy, MI
"A child's self-esteem can really be hurt by bullies at this age. This program addresses those problems. It's giving them a positive outlet and reason to stop teasing if they are doing that." - Roselie Ruebelman, Counselor