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“Best Bucket Filler Ever!” Paperback

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Best Bucket Filler Ever! God’s Plan for Your Happiness

• By Carol McCloud
• Illustrated by Glenn Zimmer
• For Ages 4-9
• Lexile® Measure: 570L
• Paperback: 32 pages
• Language: English
• ISBN: 978-1945369193

To Be Released: February 1, 2021


Readers will experience and learn about God in a new way – as their best bucket filler ever! They will be inspired to love God, love others, and love themselves; do their best to treat everyone with the same kindness and respect they would like to receive; and work together to create an all-inclusive circle of love, light, peace, joy, friendship, and kindness. They will feel instantly connected to a loving God who created them with an invisible bucket to hold their happiness. Knowing each person has a bucket, readers of all ages learn that they have the power to fill buckets through their own acts of kindness and, when they do, God fills their buckets in return.

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