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Bucket Filling Fairy



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Bucket Filling Fairy

• By Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
• Illustrated by Sydni Kruger
• For Ages Elementary and Middle School
• Hard cover (Jacketless): 38 pages
• Published: October 2015
• ISBN: 978-1631771750


It’s an ordinary day at Strawberry Hill Summer Camp until a magical creature arrives and surprises the campers, Trey most of all. Trey has been dipping his friends’ buckets. Bucket Filling Fairy (BFF) tries to help Trey see that buckets are for filling, and making people happy can be so thrilling! Will Trey learn this important message, earn his friends’ forgiveness and become a Super Bucket Filler? Or is it too late for him to change? Bucket Filling Fairy is the winner of a Santa Choice Award and will teach your child how they can prevent bullying.

Winner of One Award:

• 2015 – Winner, Books, Santa’s Choice Awards

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