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“The Bucket Squad” Paperback



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The Bucket Squad: Teaching Children Kindness, Appreciation and Positive Behavior Through Bucket Filling

• By Lisa K. Hansen, M.S.
• For Grades K-5
• Paperback: 85 pages
• Published: October 2014
• ISBN: 978-1598501650


The Bucket Squad offers a unique approach to teaching and reinforcing positive social behaviors in children. It provides a curriculum inspired by the work of Carol McCloud who wrote the highly acclaimed book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. Carol, who is also affectionately known as “The Bucket Lady,” has written the foreword included in this book.

The Bucket Squad provides 10 targeted lessons and activities to help children learn and sharpen their social skills. The curriculum is designed to be used with small groups but can be easily adapted for whole classroom instruction. Children become a team of bucket fillers, working together to make a positive difference in their school. Their self-esteem and confidence grow as they practice the different ways of bucket filling through positive peer interactions. There are also weekly parent/teacher updates and tips included for each session.

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