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“My Bucketfilling Journal” Paperback



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>My Bucketfilling Journal: 30 Days to a Happier Life

• By Carol McCloud
• Illustrated by Penny Weber
• For Ages 9 and Up
• Lexile® Measure: 530L
• Paperback: 64 pages
• Published: December 1, 2017
• Language: English
• ISBN: 978-0997486407


This helpful companion to the book, Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life, is a journal designed to put bucketfilling knowledge into action and create a happier life for its young reader.  In addition to the Bucket Fillers Pledge and the three rules and three laws of bucket filling, the journal features a thirty-day plan for filling buckets for thirty days, which includes eight self-reflection questions and 30 pages on which to record daily thoughts and bucketfilling experiences.

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