What is Bucket Dipping?

These pages are great resources about learning not to dip.

Try Not to Dip
Bucket Dipping: What is it?

Reduce bucket dipping by considering others and the consequences of your words.

Bucket Dipping: What Does it Look, Sound and Feel Like? – Bucket Lesson #34

It’s important for children to clearly understand that what we say and do can hurt others.

Thumbs up (for fillers) . . . and down (for dippers)

Processing differences between bucketfilling and bucketdipping behaviors.

The pathology of dipping

A balance between work and play is important.

What’s in your bucket today? – Part 1

Choose your thoughts to not dip in your own bucket.

What’s in your bucket today? – Part 2

Children are victims of adults who dip in their own buckets.

Making it through the dips in life

Ideas for achieving a calm outlook in the midst of life’s minor upsets.

Making it through the MAJOR dips in life

Ideas for overcoming the big losses in life.

Breaking the Anger Habit

Learning alternatives to anger reduces its presence in your life.

Learning the signals

The traffic signals of stop, yield, and go can help you throughout your life.

Sometimes you need a lid

Use your lid to keep your bucket full.

Dealing with confrontation

The power of words can’t be taken back.

Look for those silver linings

If the news is dipping into your bucket, grab your lid.

Stop Political Bullying

The amount and degree of bullying in this pre-election season is wrong.

Do the Right Thing

In any challenging situation, it is essential to resist any temptation to react negatively.

Bucket Filling is a Solution

Bucket filling provides a solution to correct behaviors.

The Road to Happiness

Travel the high road to daily happiness.

First Stop on the Happiness Road

When negative feelings are triggered, it is better to just STOP.

Travel with Your Lid!

Remember to STOP and use your lid.

High Road or Low Road?

It’s always your choice.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

The high road is the bucketfilling road.

Low Road Habits

Replacing old habits is possible, but not easy.

Conscious High Road Habits

Practice is needed for high road thinking and behavior.

Be a dipper detective

Developing an awareness of bucketdipping behaviors.

Bucket Dipper Detectives – Bucket Lesson #4

Spotting and reporting bucket dipping.

Bucketfilling Love

Do your best to love in all situations.

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