What is Your Lid?

These pages are great resources about how to use your lid.

Using Your Lid
The Lid: What is it?

Learn to use your lid.

What buckets, dippers, and lids teach

Understanding the simple concepts of the invisible bucket, dipper, and lid.

Learning About the “Lid” – Bucket Lesson #35

Five points to help children grasp the “lid.”

Lid Lesson

Understanding the “Lid”

Sometimes You Need a Lid

Use your lid to keep your bucket full.

Look for Those Silver Linings

If the news is dipping into your bucket, grab your lid.

Travel with Your Lid!

Remember to STOP and use your lid.

Lids to the Rescue!

Fairy tales often depict kindhearted beings being challenged by evil entities, but they’re helped by others using their lids.

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