Taking Time for Yourself – May 12, 2019

Spring always feels like a new beginning to me. The sunshine hits my shoulders and I seek out my comfortable clothes and gym shoes for evening walks. I throw my folding chairs in the back of my car and savor the longer evenings that I can reconnect with friends outside, usually while our kids play baseball. I go to bed with feelings of accomplishment and gratitude that I made the most of my day and nurtured my relationships.

It recently occurred to me that this was my personal definition of self-care – taking the time to focus on myself by moving my body, and taking the time to focus on my relationships. This is what keeps my bucket full. So why do I treat exercise and getting together with friends as a seasonal event on my calendar? A wiser version of myself should know that I could be interweaving these moments into my everyday life, all year long.

Life doesn’t always come with vacation days, especially when you’re a parent. You have to consciously make time to care for yourself. You should never feel selfish about that. Self-care is essential to your well-being. Self-care is paramount to balancing your family life and outside relationships. We say this at Bucket Fillers all the time – You can’t pour from an empty bucket. Every day, do your best to take a moment for yourself. It can be elaborate or it can be simple. You will be a better bucket filler when you are mindful, rested and present in the moment.

– Sandy

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