Create a Bucketfilling School

These downloadable pages outline the twelve steps to create a bucketfilling school. Free for you to print and share!

Create a Bucketfilling School
Step One: Creating a Bucketfilling School

Where do we begin in our school?

Step Two: Introducting the concept to staff

Adopt “bucket filling” as your school’s theme.

Step Three: Introducing the concept to students

Children begin to learn the concept of invisible buckets and how to fill them.

Step Four: Making a school-wide statement

Effective reminders reinforce that you are a bucketfilling school.

Step Five: Distributing buckets to staff

As adults, we are responsible for keeping our own buckets filled.

Step Six: Recognizing bucket filling

Make it a priority to look for bucket filling in your classroom.

Step Seven: Welcoming new students

Respond positively to a new student or staff member.

Step Eight: Creating a friendly competition

Have fun and inspire all those involved to do their best.

Step Nine: Being a bucket filler to parents and students

Fill a parent’s bucket is to tell them that their child is working hard, being considerate of others, and doing their best at school.

Step Ten: Using support buckets

Express compassion and caring for someone who is suffering from tragedy or loss.

Step Eleven: Taking the concept home

Give parents an opportunity to understand this simple concept and support your efforts in teaching their children how to be bucket fillers.

Step Twelve: Creating a school-wide event

Celebrate your accomplishments with a school-wide event.

Keep It Simple

A lesson on how one bucketfilling school created an easy way to keep filling buckets every day school-wide.

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