Kid’s Stuff

Below are some fun bucketfilling kid’s activities!

Kid's Stuff
Online Bucket Jigsaw Puzzle

Test your skills and build this online bucket jigsaw puzzle!

“I am a Bucket Filler” Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this bucket and pledging to be a bucket filler!

Bucket Filling Word Search

Find these bucketfilling traits in this fun word search!

Bucking Filling Crossword

Complete this crossword and learn to be a bucket filler today!

Bucket Color by Number

Using the guide, color the bucket, hearts, and stars!

Bucket Hidden Message

Reveal the hidden message by decoding the letters and characters.

How to Make a Paper Bucket

Learn how to make a paper bucket.

What Fills Your Bucket?

Draw in and color the good thoughts and feelings in your bucket!

Be a Bucket Filler! Maze

Help Buddy find his way and fill his classmate’s bucket!

Draw Your Bucket!

Connect the dots to draw your bucket.

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