A Message from Author Carol McCloud

Be a Bucket Filler! Our first book from 2006

Our First Book

As an educator, author, and children’s advocate, I am honored to have penned the first children’s book to teach the reciprocating benefits of bucket filling. I never envisioned a simple picture book would start a global phenomenon.

Buddy the Bucketfiller

Our Newest Book

From 2006 to 2022, I worked with a small Bucket Fillers team.

Together, we:

  • Published ten books plus commissioned a dozen translations for ages birth through middle school
  • Sold three million books and earned 150 awards and thousands of 5-star book reviews
  • Collaborated to produce new bucketfilling songs, plays, and products
  • Inspired thousands to become bucket fillers through thousands of presentations and hundreds of free newsletters and bucket lessons.

Carol and Maria

While Bucket Filling is my life, in 2022, I retired from the business and teamed up with Maria Dismondy, founder and owner of Cardinal Rule Press www.cardinalrulepress.com. Maria exemplifies everything I hoped to find in a publisher who would best carry on the bucketfilling message: 1) Character, 2) Chemistry 3) Competency, and 4) Cause. Her “Cardinal Rule” is kindness. Maria and her team have completely embraced bucket filling with new 1) Publications, 2) Presentations, and 3) Products. Bucket Filling is alive and well!


As we approach our 20th anniversary, I am humbled that thousands of schools worldwide continue to use Bucket Filler books as their primary character development program. Thank you, educators. A generation of adults, first introduced to our books in primary school, continue to enjoy its positive, life-changing impact.


While I have retired from the business of Bucket Fillers, Inc., I will continue to teach and promote The Bucket Fillers Recipe for Happiness:


Use every opportunity to fill buckets. Whose bucket will you fill today?


Avoid criticizing yourself or others. When needed, apologize and try to do better next time.


Learn to not take anything personally. What others say and do reflect them, not you.

Feel free to download this valuable free resource.

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The world desperately needs more kindness and happiness. You can help by becoming a bucket filler and teaching others. Let’s create a world of full-bucket, caring, and responsible children and adults.


I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share a story or reach out to me at carol@bucketfillers101.com.

Keep filling buckets!

Fun FAQs About Carol

Yes, every day, I try to fill my bucket and fill someone else’s. I fill my bucket when I start my day by thanking God and getting out in nature. I also fill my bucket when I close my fitness rings on my Apple watch. I fill other people’s buckets when I do something to let them know I care about them. I love helping others and sharing my blessings. I believe in the motto: Use what you need and share the rest.
My husband Jack and I love hiking, bicycling, hanging out with friends, bowling, and traveling, I love reading and seeing how many buckets I can fill in a day.
I actually have two favorites. For ages 1-6, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is my favorite. I had read this book with hundreds of early childhood professionals when I taught child development classes in the 1990s. For ages 9-12, Wonder by R J. Palacio is my favorite. These two books are multi-million sellers and are truly beautiful classics.
Red Grammer! His Teaching Peace album was my go-to preschool classroom music in the 1990s. I’ve given away dozens, if not hundreds, of copies to parents, teachers, and friends. The whole album is wonderful. Today, I recommend, sing, and exercise to Red’s newest album, Circle of Lights, Songs for Bucket Fillers. It's my current favorite and reminds me daily about the happiness that stems from being a bucket filler. We have the power to change the world.
Wonder is up there on top again. I cry happy tears every time I see it. The Pixar movie, Inside Out, is also a favorite. There’s lots of wisdom about emotions in this movie.
I love how thousands of people lead happier lives because they’ve committed to being bucket fillers. I'm in awe that my work has helped accomplish that. I am also proud of my company's giving back. Over the past fifteen years, we have donated more than one million dollars to non-profits that make positive life changes. I plan to continue filling as many buckets as I can.
Yes, I always have a book in the works. It's usually a few I'm working on at once. I haven't decided which one I want to finish first. I’ll have to keep you posted on that.