Do You Have 2020 Vision? – January 15, 2020

As we enter a new decade, we reflect on the impact our bucketfilling message has had on people of all ages around the world. It fills our buckets to hear the stories of the many ways their buckets are being filled. However, being a bucketfilling organization is more than just teaching and inspiring others to be bucket fillers. It means contributing to create a better world through bucket filling.

It’s always been our purpose to give back. We’re proud to say, since our inception in 2006, that we’ve given back more than $500,000 in monetary donations to nonprofit organizations around the world. We have also donated thousands of books and other products, given hundreds of volunteer hours from our staff, and collaborated with partners to invest in families and communities.

We’ve seen the incredible, bucketfilling potential of working directly with nonprofit partners and investing communities. We are fully committed to nurturing the bucketfilling potential all around the world by continuing our volunteer efforts and pledge that 15% of all proceeds go to nonprofit organizations that serve children and families.

We are also committed to giving back to schools. As we work to create bucketfilling schools of kindness and respect through our presentations, we are reducing our presentation rates. Beginning January 1, 2020, our school presentation rate will be $1,800, plus travel, for either three 1-hour sessions or one 3-hour professional development session. In addition, we are giving schools a 50% discount on books in order to provide a valuable fundraising opportunity.

Committing in these two areas will give us more focus on our 2020 vision for spreading this bucketfilling message to schools, communities, and nonprofit organizations around the world. We hope it will inspire your 2020 vision to fill buckets, too!

– Caryn

Here’s a link to a PDF printable version of this newsletter.